Have You Seen The New Zeamu Music Video?

Zeamu Music, celebrates the summer holidays with a new music video and a cosmic launch at Camp Bestival!

If you are looking for something new to distract the kids over the summer, we may have found just the thing.

Zeamu music is a new record label for kids with original, chart-quality pop music. Everyone involved with Zeamu felt it was high time that primary aged children had some tracks written especially for them with lyrics appropriate for their age.

They have a great website where you can meet Mina, Zac, Aki and Eva, aka the Zeamus and find out more about their music. The songs are all written about things that children might experience in their everyday lives: the magic of summer holidays, feeling lonely in the playground, embarrassing dad dancing and the excitement of getting to the weekend.

They have worked with some of the industry’s most talented writers and producers to make sure the music is of the highest quality and the result is a pop music brand that the whole family can enjoy.

Their newest videos Summer Holidays and Friend of Mine are available now on YouTube with lots more to follow over the holidays so keep checking in.

Thy celebrated the summer holidays at Camp Bestival with their Outer Space theme with their very own cosmic musical experience, introducing Mina, Zac, Aki and Eva to all the Bestival families. You can catch all the action on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ZeamuMusic/)  and Twitter (@zeamumusic)

You can listen to snippets of all their tracks at (http://zeamumusic.com/#music) and the music is available from itunes, Amazon or googleplay. Individual tracks cost just 99p!

Enjoy the summer!