Christmas Finger Foods For Little Fingers

Ahh Christmas, how we love thee…

Fancy getting your kids in the mood for Yule? These delish Chrimbo treats will get them – and you – ready for the big day. We’ve tried to include some healthy, sugar-free options that even younger babies will able to enjoy, alongside the obligatory gooey, chocolatey Christmas treats.

#1 Carrot stars


From Feeding Finn

These healthy carrot biscuits are super simple, made with just four ingredients – carrots, oat flour, cheese and eggs, and they’re delicious to boot. The recipe is from a mum who decided to create a healthy Christmas snack for every day in the advent calendar – what a legend!

#2 Mulled apple juice


From BBC Good Food

This fab warming drink is a great introduction to the tastes of Christmas. Packed with festive spices and honey, it’s a sweet, healthy treat the kids are sure to love. It’s also a good one if you’re pregnant and you’re missing your annual mulled wine fix.

#3 Mini hot dog wreath


From Annabel Karmel / Daily Mail

All we can say is – wow, what a crowd pleaser This one is a perfect Christmas Eve treat for all the family, and your little helpers will love getting involved in making the little sausage rolls.

#4 Strawberry Santas


From Jeanette’s Healthy Living

These little strawberry Santas are almost too cute to eat, but we’re sure that your kids won’t be able to resist. Just dollop some whipped cream on a chopped strawberry and add chocolate chips for eyes – and you’re done!

#5 Chocolate marshmallow reindeers


From Adventures of a Betty Crocker Wannabe

These little reindeer lollies are simply delicious. Chocolate dipped marshmallows with pretzel antlers? What’s not to like?

#6 Christmas pudding crispy cakes


From BBC Good Food

These are a good Christmas pudding alternative for Christmas day for fussy eaters. Chocolate crispy cakes are always a winner.

#7 Frozen banana penguins


From Reading Confetti

This is a winter winner, in our opinion. Even kids who say they don’t like bananas will be tucking into these chocolate-covered sensations in no time.