Wonderful Summer Veggie(table) Desserts

Got an excess of courgettes or a fridge full of beetroot? Forget savoury, go sweet! Check out our wonderful veggie dessert blog. From the obvious to the unusual it’s packed full of inspiration.

#1 Beetroot Red Velvet Cake

This blog wouldn’t be worth writing if we didn’t include a red velvet cake. Traditional versions use beetroot to get the red colour. We love this recipe from Good House Keeping

#Flora’s Courgette Cake


Image from my taste.co.uk

Do you remember when Nigella Lawson released her Domestic Goddess cook books? Well I first tasted  when my sister became obsessed with her baking. It is to date my favourite cake EVER. A spin on carrot cake with an addition of lime, it’s truly irresistible.  Unless you’ve got Nigellas book the recipe is hard to find online but we did find it here on Cloth Nappy Tree

#3 Lime and Cherry Pie


From Veggie Desserts

Ok so not a veggie but we couldn’t resist putting this one in. A classic pie with a citrus twist. perfect for those excess cherries (if you are lucky enough to have a tree) if not pop along to your local  farmers market and grab some freshly picked fruits.

#4 Pumpkin Spice Latte Meringue Pie

by confectionalism.com

Ok so we aren’t quite in pumpkin season yet but Starbucks will be releasing their Pumpkin Spiced Latte early September so we aren’t that far away. We’ve found this awesome meringue pie version.