Top 5 Tips to Beat the Winter Sniffles

It seems to be that eventually almost everybody around this time of year gets a cold or at least some kind of sniffles. If you’re lucky, it starts and ends with just that, but nobody really wants get sick, especially all the busy mums and dads who have a trillion things to organise. In the winter months, 75 per cent of people are likely to feel run down.  Our friend at Bright Horizons have written this fabulous blog to help you out.

According to Tetley’s research, this winter we’re likely to get soaked in the rain five times, step in four puddles that drench our feet and face four occasions where we’ll be irritated by a person clearing their throat loudly or coughing repeatedly. And we’ll miss out on six social occasions due to not being up for going out.

Well, to help you to get over the ‘cold’ season, here are our Top Five Tips:


Especially C & D! Make sure you increase your intake of veg. & fruit and take vitamin supplements.


Go out and catch some any sunshine you can get, it will also help you to catch up on some vitamin D, which we never get enough here in the UK.

Keep Warm

Research has shown cold noses really do lower our immune systems. So pull up your scarf. Wear layers which trap hot air and can be removed, making it easier to regulate your temperature.

Look at the Bright Side of Life

Cheer up! Research suggests that positive people get fewer colds.

Keep the Germs Away

Spending time on public transport or even in the office means germs are everywhere. Make sure to wash your hands regularly, or even better, keep a pocket-sized bottle of antibacterial gel to hand. If you sneeze or cough, catch it in a tissue and throw it away immediately. Then use your antibacterial gel to wash your hands.

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