How To Avoid Dry & Itchy Winter Skin

As the days draw in and the weather starts to get a bit cooler, there are many things we are going to miss about summer – long evenings in the park; holidays by the beach; tousled, salty summer hair. But there are many things to enjoy about winter, too. Not too long until Christmas! Mulled wine! Cosy nights with bonfires and a cheeky mince pie or two…

When it comes to enjoying winter, the trick is to take precautions against the cold and its effects. One such effect is on our skin. While we might enjoy silky, smooth, sun-kissed skin during the summer, it’s very common to experience a bit of dryness and nasty flakiness in the colder months. However, there are lots of things you can do to help avoid this fate. To help you get through this winter and come out the other side with luscious and glowing skin, here are our top tips. We cover everything from how you wash your clothes, including washing newborn baby clothes, to promoting soft skin, to dealing with the unexpected drying out effects of the central heating. Read on for more.

No.1 – Protect yourself from the wind

One of the primary causes of dry and itchy skin during the winter is the wind. As it whips across your face it can cause dryness and break down the skin’s natural moisture. Be sure to avoid this fate by using a heavy duty moisturiser before you are going to brave any windy weather. Apply liberally to areas that are likely to be exposed. Be sure to use a lip balm too as lips are particularly susceptible to being affected by harsh winds.

No.2 – Washing your clothes appropriately during the winter

While you may be able to get away with a skimpy bikini and board shorts for most of the summer, in winter we tend to be wrapped up in our clothes for months on end. That means it becomes particularly important to ensure that the way we wash them doesn’t contribute to dry, itchy skin and if anything helps to prevent it. Make sure to launder clothes with a detergent that is gentle to the skin and always use a fabric conditioner that will soften the fibres. If you have little ones in the house this is particularly important as clothing can have a big impact on infant skin. For more information this article has some useful tips on washing newborn baby clothes.

No.3 – Deal with the central heating demons

A little known cause of dry, itchy skin in winter is central heating; the way heat is pumped into houses can cause your skin to become seriously dried out. However, there is a simple way to fix this. Try putting a bowl of fresh water on the floor by your radiator. When heat comes out, the air will pick up moisture from this bowl meaning it will be much kinder to your skin.

Those are our three top tips for looking after your skin this winter. Try them out and ensure you and your kids have supple skin right through ‘til spring!