Whoop – National Chocolate Week Is Here!

This week is National Chocolate week. Whether you are a chocoholic or just fancy a bit every now and again you’ll love this blog. Here at Mummies Club we’ve scoured the internet looking for the indulgent, unusual, surprising and damn right unnecessary uses for chocolate. 



Yes chocolate smells lovely but the jury is out on it’s use as a perfume. If you fancy having a go though pop on over to Hotel Chocolat and bag yourself this £45 bottle packed with notes of roasted cocoa.



We’ve all seen the trick of adding dark chocolate to chilli but how about chocolate coated

bacon – yes it exists! Check out this Chocolate covered bacon from cravingsofalunatic.com



Ok so this isn’t exactly what it appears. The idea of adding chocolate to cheese was attempted by Tesco a few years back but strangely it didn’t take off. Instead we’ve found this indulgent cheese board from Choconchoc.co.uk . It’s cheese made of chocolate – nom!


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So we’ve all indulged in the odd chocolate liquor at Christmas but did you know you can also get chocolate beer and yes you heard it here first chocolate wine… For a delicious beer check our this Meatime Chocolate beer from Waitrose  and for wine Sainsbury’s have a Chocolate Drop Red Wine which you can find on their website

Salad Topping


Have you heard of chocolate nibs? They are are bits of fermented, dried, roasted and crushed cacao bean. These small but tasty “nibs” are making a it on the cookery scene and we’ve found a fabulous use for them as a salad topping, suggested by Michael Chiarello did a Food Network show via Sweets.Seriouseats