What Is Dental Tourism & Why Is It Worth Giving It A Try?

What is dental tourism and why is it worth giving it a try?

By Wonga Dental 

Dental tourism came about due to the opportunity to take advantage of lower priced dental treatment that is available in some overseas countries. When combined with a holiday, as the name implies, dental tourism can be an opportunity to receive low-cost, high quality dental care. Dental tourism is expected to continue growing as consumers continue to seek out lower-cost options. Undergoing extensive dental procedures abroad, even when allowing for travel expenses, can be significantly cheaper than having the same procedures done at home and pricing and the qualifications of the dentists can be easily researched through websites or by contacting the dentists themselves. The most popular dental treatments amongst the British are root canal treatment, tooth extraction, implants, dental braces (especially Invisalign) and prosthetics such as crowns and bridges.  One of the places chosen by people to have various dental treatments is India, they have a good reputation for general medicine and dentistry, however it is simpler, cheaper and faster to travel to a european country.

Wonga Dental is a company which organises trips to Poland for your dental appointments. Poland is one of the dentistry-leading European countries whose prices for treatments are much lower than in the United Kingdom.  Another advantage is the location and connections: plane tickets start from £20 and a flight lasts only 2 hours. Wonga Dental would like to invite you for a dental trip!

Here is a very small selection of treatments we offer and our prices:

Scaling + sandblasting + varnishing £45
Laser whitening £230

Root canal treatment (per tooth) £155 – £299

Porcelain crown fused to metal £145
Fully ceramic crown £245
White braces £525

Extraction of a tooth £35 – £115

How are dental trips organised with Wonga Dental?

First of all it is important to find out exactly what treatment you need. Initial Consultation (free) is recommended – we would ask you to send us an OPG picture (digital format) which is like a “dental map” – it lets the doctor diagnose a problem and make an initial treatment plan and cost. This step can be omitted and you can also travel directly to the clinic in Poland, either just for a day of examination, or you can stay as long as you need to finish your treatment.
Wonga Dental can organize everything you need: flights, accommodation (visit the website for more information about free accommodation), transfers, car hire and any activities of your choice. You can discover Poland and polish culture between your dental appointments. Before your arrival you will receive a trip schedule and confirmation of accommodation details, bookings and activities of your choice. The final step is to prepare for the flight and relax.


Take a look at our website www.wongadental.co.uk to see our full price list and to find out more about the process of coming to Poland for your dental treatment.