Weekday Food For Busy Mums

Fed up with the same old weeknight meals? Here at Mummies Club we’ve pulled together some fabulous easy to prepare summer weeknight meals for the whole family. From filling pasta dishes to fake BBQs. There’s plenty of ideas to get you out of that meal time rut!

#1 Have A Fake BBQ

hamburgers and hotdogs cooking on flaming grill

Love a good old BBQ but don’t have the time to get everything ready? Fake it! The tip here is keeping things simple. Grab some ready made burgers and baps from the supermarket.  Cook the burgers in a grill pan for that fake BBQ taste. Serve with 3 simple accompaniments: buttered new potatoes, coleslaw and a mixed salad.

#2 Garlic Bread Lasagne

From Food and Dessert via YouTube

 This video has been doing the rounds on Facebook and if we are honest we think its inspired (and very easy). Instead of using pasta sheets this lasagne is made with garlic bread slices – yum.

#3 One Pan Pasta

From Martha Stewart.com

We al love one pan recipes, after all the less washing up there is to do the more time we have to ourselves (yeah right)! Check out this Martha Stewart Recipe, perfect for a weeknight supper.

#4 Chicken Drumsticks


From Jamie Oliver.com

Taken from Jamie Oliver’s Cheap and Cheerful meal ideas these Food Allergy Mums Chicken Drumsticks makes a perfect weeknight meal. Packed with colourful peppers it makes the perfect accompaniment to rice or mashed potatoes.

#5 Full English Frittata with smoky beans


From BBC Good Food by Lucy Netherton

A  family feast, full english ingredients served in a lovely frittata, Super simple to make and great served with a simple salad and crusty bread.


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