Week 8 – Wind Chime

Create Your Own Wind Chime

Have you seen Project 52? Every week here at Mummies Club we feature something fun to do outdoors with the kids. We’ve called this project 52 as we will share a total of 52 activities over the next year. This week as the weather is a little blustery it’s all about wind chimes, for past projects visit the MC website or click on the link below.

You will need:

An old colander or long stick

Some string

Some glue

Some “clunky” objects such as sticks, strings of beads, wooden spoons, shells, old keys etc.

Some paint (acrylic or spray paint work best)

You need to do:

Paint any objects you are using and your colander/stick then leave them to dry.

Take your colander/stick and attach a piece of string to hang the chime up.

Take some shorter pieces of string (measure them against your objects) and attach one end to your colander/stick and the other end to the object (you may want to use glue here if the object is hard to tie the string to).

Once finished hang your creation in a breezy spot and relax to its chimes!

TOP TIP: Refresh your chime by changing the objects depending on the seasons, e.g. conkers in autumn and pine cones in winter. Images from A Cultivated Nest