Week 7 – Balloon Dart Painting

Balloon Dry Painting
You will need:
Small Balloons
Darts (plastic if possible)
Large board and paper (or a large canvas)
Balloon Pump
Paint bottles (washable is best)
An old sheet
Drawing pins
You need to do:
Place a balloon over the top of a squeezey pant bottle and squirt in a small amount of paint
Use the balloon pump to add some air to the balloon
Tape your paper to a board or suspend your canvas, choose somewhere low enough for kids to reach
Attach the balloons to the canvas or board with a drawing pin (through the tied, twisted part of the balloon)
Throw darts and watch the balloons pop and the paint splat!
Let the art dry then mount and enjoy!
TOP TIP: Do EVERYTHING outside and have a hose to hand as this activity gets very messy! Use the old sheet when you fill the balloons.
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