Week 6 – Giant Bubbles

You will need:
Two long sticks approx. 1m long (bamboo canes are good for this)
Some string (smooth)
Some liquid soap
A shallow container
You need to do:
Lay one stick on the ground and cut one piece of string just a bit longer than its length
Tie each end of the string to each one of the poles (about 5cm from the top)
Take a piece of string half the length of one pole and tie it to the bottom of each pole
Cut a piece of string twice as long as one pole and tie into either end of the top string about 2cm in for the poles
Mix up the washing liquid and water using 1 part washing liquid to 3 parts water (mix thoroughly)
Place the mixture in the shallow container and then dip the pieces of string hanging from the top poles in
Take the string out and gently pull the sticks apart
When you see a bubble form hold up to the wind or move along slowly to make the bubble form
TOP TIP: Play around with the concentration of the bubble mixture, we found hand soap worked best. Also you can shorten the length of the strings if you are struggling to make a bubble form.
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