Week 51 – Water Gun Painting

Welcome to the penultimate week of Project 52 and this week we’ve got a cracking idea and possibly one of the messiest we’ve ever done. Grab some water¬†pistols paint and paper and get creative in the sun!

You will need:

Water pistols (we suggest a few to load with different colours)

A selection of watercolour paints (the best option is to go for child friendly washable versions)

Some water

Some large paper (if you don’t have large sheets use some old wrapping paper and turn it upside down to reveal a white back.

An easel (optional – you can hang the paper up against a wall or fence with some string or clips – just be aware you’ll have to clean what ever you attach it to afterwards).

You will need to:

Hang up your paper (or lay on a dust sheet or on the grass.

Mix up your paints, we suggest adding enough water to allow the paint to “shoot” out the water pistol but too much to make it lack colour.

Load your water pistols (if you can try and use a different pistol for each colour, if you can’t use a bucket of water to rince the pistol in-between)

Have fun and create!

Allow your art to dry in the sun and then display with pride.

Top Tips: Why not spice things up and use some tape to mask off part of the paper (then remove when the paint is dry). Alternatively you could use a white crayon to draw on the paper before or write a message. Or card cut outs in various shapes.