Week 5 – Build A Pitfall Bug Trap

Young boy exploring nature in a meadow with a magnifying glass looking for insects

Build a pitfall bug trap!

Have you seen Project 52? Every week here at Mummies Club we feature something fun to do outdoors with the kids. We’ve called this project 52 as we will share a total of 52 activities over the next year. This week its all about bugs, for past projects visit the MC website and click on the link.

Build a pitfall trap

What you will need :
A container that is smooth with a steep side (empty yogurt pots are perfect)
A flat piece of wood or an old tile
Four/five stones
A trowel or large strong spoon
Some food scraps
A sheet of white paper on a tray
A magnifying glass

What you need to do:
Choose a quiet spot in the garden to set your trap
Dig a small hole just big enough to fit your container into
Make sure the top of the container is the same level as the surrounding soil surface
Place a small amount of soil inside the container (and some food scraps if you have them)
Place the stones around the trap and gently balance the wood or tile on top (this will stop rain getting into the trap)
Leave the trap overnight and check it in the morning
Some creatures like to hide in the soil so try gently tipping the contents of the trap onto your white paper on a tray and use your magnifying glass to find them
Release anything you catch, reset the trap and visit again later in the day