Week 48 – Build and Obstacle Course

We can’t believe we are on week 48 of Project 52, our outside activities for kids blog. This week we make the most of the newly cut grass and warmer weather and build an obstacle course. Just be warned it can become seriously competitive where grown ups are concerned. Below you will find a master list of ideas of obstacles for your course. Have fun!

You will need:

A dry day

Some space (garden or even the park)

Obstacles (see below)

A timer

Obstacle Idea List

Hoola Hoops

Use them to skip with, jump through, crawl through etc.

Large Cardboard Boxes

Open up the ends and use them to crawl through, cut them into sheets and create a hop scotch, or paint on a target to throw a ball at.

Old Car Tyres

These make the perfect obstacle, use them to crawl through, climb on or jump into.

A Goal 

If you’ve got a football goal in the garden use it and make shooting a goal part of your obstacle course. You could also use a netball or basketball hoop or a simple bucket and ball.

Scooters or Bikes

If you’ve got the space make riding a scooter or bike around some cones or bricks part of the course.

Skipping Rope

Grab a good old skipping rope and add in some skipping either on the spot or across the lawn.


If you have a childs slide in the garden use it in your obstacle course (be warned from experience grown ups bottoms may get stuck here)

Bat and Ball 

Take a tennis racket and ball and add in “keep uppies” or bouncing on the ground for a number of counts.

Cans and Balls 

Set up some empty recycled tin cans in a stack and use a ball to knock them off a wall or table.

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