Week 47 – Go Pond Dipping

May is here! What a great time of year to get outside and have a watery adventure. In this weeks project 52 we are going pond dipping. Grab a net and a jar and head out for hours of fun in the sun.

You will need:


Waterproof trousers (or a change of dry ones incase of accidents)


Jam jars or light coloured buckets

White card or paper


Identification sheets

You will need to:

Do some research before hand on what sorts of water-loving creatures you will find at this time of year.

Try websites like:

Natures Calendar who have this great page on Frogspawn 


RSPB for Children who have some great ideas of what to do including how to make a net if you don’t have one

Find a local pond or slow running over and get fishing.

Have fun!