Week 46 – Go On A Worm Hunt

Worms! Love them or hate them they are a much-loved garden critter for children to enjoy. This week we’ve put together a project 52 activity, which involves going on a worm hunt and building a worm farm.

You will need:

A shovel or spade , a torch (with a red light), a wooden stake, a large rough stone (or piece of brick), a hammer and a container filled with moist soil and leaves.

You will need to:

Find some worms 🙂

There are a few ways to do this as detailed below:

#1 Get Digging

Dig a small hole.

Lift the soil out and sift for worms.

Wet soil is a good place to look so either find a damp area in the garden or dig a little deeper if the top of the soil is dry.

TOP TIP: Be as quiet as possible, worms are very good at picking up vibrations. Another place they may be hiding is under rocks or heavy objects.

 #2  Go Night Hunting

Place a large piece of wet cardboard on your lawn the night before you want to worm hunt worm. This will hopefully attract any worms beneath.

Wait for the sun to set.

Use your torch to look for worms under your cardboard, use a red light if possible as worms can sense light.

TOP TIP – adapt your normal torch with some red paper or fabric.

#3 Add Some Vibrations

The method is sometimes called worm charming you use vibrations to “charm” the worms out of the ground.

Drive the stake into the earth.

Rub the large stone or brick over the top of the stake to make vibrations and drive the worms from the ground.

What next…


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