Week 42 – Outside Science Fun

In this weeks Project 52 we get all scientific. Inspired by some seriously awesome YouTube channels we’ve got 3 super simple reactions to try out in your back garden. Encourage your kids to set up a camera so they can watch the reactions back at a later date. Hours of fun guaranteed! Adult supervision at all times, (please see disclaimer below). 

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#1 Volcano Eruption

This is such an easy experiment to do outside. Guaranteed fun for kids big and small.

You will need:


Baking soda


Red food colouring (optional)

You need to:

Create a volcano shape out of the plasticine

Make a hole for the eruption

Place a spoonful of baking soda into the hole

Add a few drops of red food colouring

To erupt your volcano add some vinegar then stand back and watch

#2 Mentos and Coke

You will definitely need adult supervision for this one as the reaction is quite big.

You will need:

2L bottle of diet coke

Packet of mentos

You need to:

Place the coke bottle on the ground (right way up)

Remove the top and very quickly place 4 mentos in the top, move back and watch

Here’s our favourite Myth Busters YouTube video explaining the reaction

#3 Soapy Froth

You will need:

Soap powder


A bowl

You will need to:

Place some soap powder into the bowl

Add a splash of the vinegar and watch

Disclaimer: This blog is describing 3 simple reactions for you to try outside at home. These must be demonstated by an adult. Mummies Club accepts no responsibility for any injuries or accidents associated with these experiments.

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