Week 41 – Plant A Mini Spring Garden

Project 52 is definielty all about planting at the this time of year and this week is no different – we want to make the most of the stunning spring flowers available everywhere. You can pick up plants like daffodils, primrose and hyacinth for as little as a pound in our local supermarket, so theres really no excuse not to plant up a beautiful spring garden or pot this weekend. A perfect activity to get the kids a little muddy and full of fresh spring air!


Flower garden

You will need:

A pot or patch of land



A selection of plants (we suggest daffodils, primrose and hyacinth etc)

Gloves (optional)


Dig over and weed soil or place some new compost into a large pot.

Place your plants onto the pot and arrange them to make a nice display (think larger plants at the back and smaller plants towards the front).

Make a small hole and add your plants, filling any gaps with compost or spare soil (if you are planting directly into the ground).

Water well

Enjoy and remember to top up the water as and when needed.

TOP TIP: If you have lots of small pots why not make a selection and place them all together.

Had a go? Please do share a photo on Facebook, we’d love to see your creations.