Week 38 – Plant a Potato Sack

This week we are all about the garden. For those of you who have got your hands on our Family Gardening Calendar printable you’ll be ready to plant your potato sack. Don’t worry if you haven’t joined in yet there’s still plenty of time (you can save this activity for another week), just click on the printable link at the BOTTOM of this post.logosmallDollarphotoclub_53484096


You will need:

Your “chitted” potatoes

A potato planter bag or sack (available from garden centres and the and store!)

Multipurpose compost

Gloves (optional)

You will need to:

Fill your potato planter bag with good quality multipurpose compost to around 2.5cm (1″) below the rim.

Carefully plunge a single chitted potato tuber into the compost with the shoots pointing upwards, to a depth of 12cm (5″) from the soil surface. Plant approx. 4- 5 potatoes per bag.

Gently cover the tubers with compost.

Water and place in a bright, frost free position and wait for them to grow.

Feed plants every other week with potato fertiliser when the shoots are visible and water the bags when the compost begins to dry out.

 Click here for your