Week 37 – Make A Mini Compost

This is a lovely little project for this sunny spring weather. Setting up a mini composter now will give your child ready to use compost in just a few months. Perfect for a lovely planting activity later in the year. 


You will need:

A 2l pop bottle

Some brown or duct tape



Fruit and vegetable scraps or peelings

Grass cuttings or leaves

Shredded paper

Some garden soil

You need to:

Cut the top of the bottle off to make a flip top


Fill the main part of the bottle with 8 layers as follows:

(Soil, Scraps, Soil Shredded paper, Leaves/grass cuttings, Soil, Scraps, Soil)


Spray the top with a little water

tape up the bottle (leave the top where the lid was open

Place in the sun and wait

In a few days you should see the layers sink

In a few months you should have some compost

Keep the mini composter damp by adding a little water to the top when it looks dry.