Week 35 – Cosy Winter Eggs

This weeks project 52 involves having fun with eggs. Yes eggs! The inspiration came from the large number of eggs we have left over from pancake day. In hindsight I think buying two dozen was a bit over ambitious. The game involves “dressing your egg in a cosy home made outfit”. The idea is you use anything and everything to cushion your little egg and stop it cracking for the BIG DROP.¬†

You will need:

Eggs (in the shell as they come, no cheating by boiling)

Various items to dress your egg in, get creative here. We suggest things like:

old socks, bubble wrap, cardboard, plastic bags, cotton wool, google eyes, ribbon ,felt, newspaper etc.


You will need to:

Place all your cosy egg “clothes” on a table.

Give out your eggs .

Dress your eggs, remember the cosier the better.

Name your cosy egg (this is compulsory!)

Find a place to drop your cosy eggs from, ideas include the climbing frame, an upstairs window, a balcony etc.

Top Tip: Spice things up for older kids by setting a timer to “dress your egg” 5 mins should be enough. Extend the drop to a BIG THROW (against an outside wall).

Here’s our attempt – have fun!