Week 34 – Sunsets and Stargazing

Who says all outdoor activities should be in the day light. In the winter months it’s a great idea to make the most of the early sunset and short days by looking up at the glorious sky above us. This weeks project 52 gives you two inspirational sky based activities. 

# 1 Draw The Sunset

You will need:

Warm clothes

Drawing or painting equipment (pastels and card work well for children).

Something to lean on

A view (if you are lucky enough you can do this at home in your garden, if not take a drive and pick somewhere with a great view)

An idea of the time you need to be out (keep an eye out a few days before for the sunset or look online for official sunset times)

# 2 Go Stargazing. 

Tim Peake’s time on the International Space Station has inspired many young children to look at the night sky above them and winter is the best time to star gaze.

You will need:

Warm clothes

A clear night

Something waterproof to lie on

Food and drink (it may get a little chilly)

What to look at: 

On your night time adventure you will need an idea of what you are looking for, the four most obvious things are the moon, stars, meteor showers and other planets.

Finding the right thing can be difficult especially if this is your first time exploring the night sky with you little ones. There are two options, a good old fashioned compass and a child friendly seasonal star map such as this really simple pdf from the national trust. The second option is downloading an app such as the Star Walk Free App or Google Sky Map so you can easily identify what you are looking at.