Week 32 – Make A Family Time Capsule

This weeks project 52 focusses on family time. This activity involves spending some quality time as a family thinking and choosing what to put in your time capsule. It also give you a chance to help your little ones practice their writing. If you’re feeling brave, wrap up and pack your capsule outside, if not do it inside then head on out to the garden and get digging.¬†

You will need:

A suitable capsule (large plastic bottles work well or something metal)

Some paper (to write your letter to families of the future)

Items to place in your capsule.

You will need to:

Fill your capsule and write a letter about you and why you’ve chosen the items you are burying.

Dig a hole in the garden and get burying

Ideas to place inside your capsule:

Newspaper with a recent date


TV Guide page

Family Tree

Small toys

Brands items e.g. coke can, Mc Donald’s toy

Old Phone


Have fun!