Week 31 – Pack Up A Warming Winter Picnic

Winter doesn’t mean you can’t have a picnic, It just means you need a little more planning. This week’s activity shares some tips for a great Warm Winter Picnic. 

#1 Go Flask Crazy

Quality flasks can keep liquids warm for up to 5 hrs. Warm the inside with hot water for about 2  mins before filling to keep things hot that little longer. On our winter picnics we take two flasks we pack some warm soup in one an hot chocolate in the other (see Something sweet) below.

#2 Use Your Cool Bag As A Hot Bag

As an accompaniment to your lovely hot soup why not take some warm sandwiches to dip in, think panini or toasties. If you wrap them quickly in foil as soon as they are done and then pack them snugly in a small cool bag they should stay warm for up to 2 hrs. Other ideas such as pasties and large sausage rolls also go down well. Just make sure they are piping hot to start with.

#3 Sides

As crisps can be hard to eat with cold fingers, think ahead and choose things that are easy to hold while you eat. Our favourites include bread sticks and cheese straws. You can even pack some simple dips like humous to make things more interesting.

#4 Get Fruity

Get some of your 5 a day in by packing some fruit kebabs. Like the sides ideas above you need things that can be eaten with gloves, these are a perfect choice.

#5 Finish Off With Something Sweet

If you’ve taken some hot chocolate in a flask make sure you add something to dip into it, some home-made cookies or marshmallows already placed onto sticks make a lovely treat. Why not try something different and take white hot chocolate, we love this BBC Good Food recipe.