Week 3 – Blindfolded Water Fight

Blindfolded Water Fight

Each week here at Mummies Club we feature something fun to do outdoors with the kids. We’ve called this PROJECT 52 and plan to give you something to do EVERY week of the year. This week it’s all about water fights, but with a twist. Have fun! 

You will need:

Four players

Two water pistols or squeezey bottles

Two blindfolds

Two buckets of water

What you need to do:

Divide your players into two shooters and two guiders

Give each shooter a water pistol or squeeze bottle

Blindfold each shooter and place a full bucket of water a few meters away from them

Get each guider to turn the blindfolded shooter around 4-5 times to make them dizzy

Each guider then gives their shooter directions to the bucket, where they fill their pistol!

The guider must then give instructions to their shooter so they shoot their blindfolded opponent.

the winner is the shooter that says the driest! 

TOP TIP: If you are playing with little ones pre-fill the water pistol or have someone on hand to help them fill it. 


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