Week 27 – Go On A Moon Walk

As the evenings begin so much earlier at this time of year, this week’s Project 52 involves a very exciting moon walk. 

You will need:

Warm clothes

Binoculars or a small telescope if you have one

A torch

A book on the moon or a print out from the internet

A look ahead at the weather for a clear night

You will need to:

Build up to the moon walk by researching the moon. Get the kids to look at the phases etc. (if possible pick your walk night when the moon is an interesting shape)

Wrap up arm and head outside juts as its getting dark. Plan to go somewhere easy to access but dark enough to use a torch (a local park works well). You will also need a clear night

Once you’ve found a good view of the moon. Use the torch to look at your book or print out.

Extend this at home by letting your child create a moon journal.