Week 28 – Go On A Nature Photoshoot

So here we are in the middle of winter still determined to get outside with the kids. This week we’ve decided to encourage the kids to have a go at some photography. You can either use digital cameras on smartphones, iPads etc or a disposable one from somewhere like boots.¬†

You will need:

Warm clothes


List written out as a tick sheet.

You will need to:

Before heading outside decide on the details of your Photoshoot, the idea is to create a list of things to take pictures of, others the kids will get bored. See the MC ideas list below for inspiration.

Grab your equipment and head outside and get snapping.

On return to the house, get the kids to display the photos they’ve taken wither on a screen or print favourites off and create a collage.

MC List

An evergreen tree


Fallen leaves

Nuts (think acorns)

A tree stump

Mistletoe balls (these are usually high up)

Animals farmyard and wild


Nests in bare trees


Footprints in the mud