Week 26 – Make Your Reindeer Food

Christmas is close and the Reindeer are going to need something to keep them going on their busiest night of the year. Grab the kids, wrap up warm and head outside to make your reindeer food.

You will need:


Sprinkles or coloured sugar

A small bag

Some pretty ribbon or washi tape

A tag (optional)

You will need to:

mix the sparkles and or sugar into the last.

Spoon carefully into small plastic bags

Tie up with ribbon or washi tape

Add the Tag with the following poem:

Sprinkle this magical Reindeer food carefully on the ground.

And tonight f you are lucky Santa’s reindeer will come around.

But heres a secret I have to tell, one you must try to keep.

That Santa’s Reindeer only come when you’re asleep.

So quickly put your jimmies on and get a story read.

then Sprinkle this magic treat outside and hurry off to bed