Week 23 – Plant Some Wellies

This weeks project 52 is all about bulbs and upcycling. Planting Spring flowering bulbs is a perfect outside activity especially if you use some old wellie boots as pots.


You will need:
An assortment of old wellies (pick some up at the charity shop if you don’t have any).


Bulbs (tulips are good for November)

A small sharp knife

You will need to:
Gather all your equipment together.

Check on the back of your bulb packaging how deep to plant the bulbs.

Make some small drainage holes in the bottom of your wellies with your knife.

Fill your wellies with compost to the desired height

Add bulbs

Top up with soil

Place slightly raised from the ground on old tiles or bricks in a sheltered position.

Keep a note of what’s in each wellie. We suggest using a sharpie to write on each wellie and if there is space get the kids to draw a picture of the flowers inside.