Week 21 – Leaf Pets

This is one of the simplest project 52’s we have done so far and one of the most fun. Enjoy a lovely winter walk to collect the leaves and then head back home to decide what pets they are to become.

What you will need:

A selection of leaves

Tippex (the pen works best)

A thick-ish permanent marker (black if possible)

A heavy book

Some kitchen paper

What you need to do:

Go on a lovely walk and collect your leaves, you are looking for as many different shapes and sizes as possible. Try and get leaves that aren’t bone dry as they tend to break when you draw on them.

Semi-dry and flatten  your leaves when you get home by placing them between two pieces of kitchen tissue paper and then under a heavy book.

Take your flat leaves and paint on the white part of your pets face/features. The tippex will dry quickly.

Lastly add the black part of your pets face/features.

To keep these new leaf pets either stick them to a piece of card or laminate if you have a machine.

leaf pets

Have fun!