Week 20 – Bring Art Inside

This week we are looking to nature for inspiration for some fabulous inside art. Pack up some paper, crayons and a small bag, take a walk and collect the following:

Leaves – choose different sizes and types, the more the better.
Pieces of stone – choose ones with unusual surfaces, the rougher the better.
Bark rubbings – take your paper and crayons and make some bark rubbings, use different colours and place into your bag for safekeeping (you’ll need these when you return home).
At Home
Firstly take your leaves and rocks and apply a layer of paint, stamp them onto paper, then leave to dry.
Secondly take your leaf/rock print prints and your bark rubbings and cut around them.
Use them to create one of the following:
Nature Bunting
Mount onto coloured card, punch a small hole and use some string or ribbon to make a colourful piece of bunting.
This is lots of fun, use your cut outs to make an animal either a real one or a make believe one. Leaves make an excellent lion’s mane and bark rubbings create great snakes skin.
Recreate Nature Scene
Recreate a tree by using the bark rubbings and leaves, cut out the rocks for a rocky background. Add some felt tip colouring to bring everything together.