Week 18 – Homemade Bird Feeders

This week were all about homemade bird feeders. We’ve gathered together our favourite 5 ideas for simple bird feeders to make with the kids in the garden. Have fun!

Basic equipment:
Nuts and seeds
(you can buy these separately or as a mix at your local garden centre)
Special supplies: see the individual feeder instructions below. 

Apple and Seed Feeder

This is such a simple idea, my son bought one home last week from pre-school. All you need is an apple, some string, some pointed seeds (sunflower, pine nuts etc – anything that is slightly pointy will do) and some thin sticks. Core the apple and attach some string to hang it up. Push some sticks through the apple (so they stick out each side for the birds to perch on) and then press in the pointed seeds.

Fat Cakes

These have been made for years (I remember doing these at Brownies.). All you need for the cake is some lard, some old scraps of food (bacon rind, toast etc), nuts and seeds. Use one part fat to 2 parts dry ingredients. Melt the fat and stir in the scraps, nuts and seeds, make a hole in the bottom of an old paper or plastic disposable cup (an old yogurt pot works well too) thread through some string, tie in a knot to secure then pack your mix around the string, place in the fridge to set. Once set, cut away the pot and place outside.

Pine Cone Feeders

Find a nice big pine cone, take some peanut butter and spread it in-between the gaps in the cone. Stick on seeds and nuts (small ones work well). You can either do this one by one or roll in the seeds first then fill in any gaps. Tie a piece of string to the top of the cone and hang up.

Cheerio Feeders

This is a really good one for little fingers, take some string and tie a large knot in one end (this stops the cheerios falling off), get your little ones to thread the cheerios onto the string (a bit like making a necklace). Create 5-6 threads and then attach them all together and hang outside.

Toilet Roll or Bagel Feeders

This is similar to the pine cones. For the bagels all you need to do is slice an old bagel in half and cover with peanut butter, roll into some seeds and nuts and attach some string through the bagel hole. For the toilet rolls smear the peanut butter on the outside, roll into the nuts and seeds and then thread the string through the centre.
TOP TIP – place feeders high enough stop non-climbing animals such as foxes and badgers eating them all up.