Week 17 – Make a Seasonal Wreath

Wreaths are mostly seen at christmas in the uk but why do we only make them once a year? Take a little inspiration from our friends over the pond and create a seasonal wreath with the kids. A perfect outside activity whatever the weather. Here are our top ideas for seasonal wreaths and basic instructions. Get the kids involved by planning your wreath then going on a supplies hunt for foliage, twigs and decorations.

Basic Instructions
You will need:
Strong wire
Basic foliage and or twigs- this will depend on the time of year
Wire cutters
Ribbon or string to hang your wreath up
What you need to do:
Make a basic ring shape from your wire
Attach your foliage and twigs with more wire
Attach any decorations
Use the ribbon or string to hang over your door or a window

Wreath ideas:


Halloween Trick or Treat
Decorate with sweets (wrapped ones work best), fake spiders and batty bats (see our downloadable halloween crafts doc for instructions). To create a mummies – wrap part of the wreath with a bandage and add some scary eyes (painted acorns work well – use some tipex and a black sharpie).
Warm Autumnal Wreath 
Autumn is one of the best times to make a wreath, there are so many leaves and seed pods/seeds out there to collect. You can even add some small squashes or gourds.


Christmas Glitz
Take the basics such as holly and ivy and add some dried orange slices and cinnamon sticks (buy them if you don’t want to make your own). Alternatively you can go metallic and spray paint some pine cones and holly leaves in your favourite colour.
Make a simple but beautiful evergreen wreath, keep the decorations simple to make the wreath look classic. decorate with some berries (be careful when collecting with the kids) hang with a contrasting green ribbon.


Add some beautiful spring buds, choose tree buds rather than flowers so they last longer. If you do want a bit of colour get some false crocuses or daffodils.
Easter Egg-tastic
Have fun with an easter inspired wreath, decorate some wooden eggs with paints or foil. Make some little bunnies to peep out of the foliage or buy some fluffy chicks – very “cute”


Flower Power
Summer wreaths can make use of the warm weather. Create a basic foliage wreath then place some fresh flowers into the structure replace these every week or as needed. Sturdy flowers like roses work well.
DON’T WANT TO DO A FULL WREATH? Make a lovely bunch of foliage instead and decorate as above.