Week 15 – Painted Stones

A perfect sunny outside activity. You will need to get hold of some stones beforehand and some simple paints or sharpies for the decorating. We’ve pulled together our best 6 ideas for stone painting below. Have fun!

You will need:

Stones – various sizes, smooth ones work best

Paints, brushes or sharpies

Googly eyes 

An old cloth to rest on 

A safe place to let your stones dry

What you need to do:

Find a nice sunny spot outside to set up your stone painting activity

Place your stones onto your cloth and decide what you are going to create 

Decorate each stone at a time. If painting use paints that will stand the rain and don’t thin down as using them neat will give better colour 

Once painted leave your stones in a safe place to dry (this make take some time if your paint is thick. 


If your stones are dark paint a layer of white paint on each stone a day before the activity, thins can help designs show up. 

Stone Animal Farm 

Create pigs, cow, sheep and chickens from your stones. Build a small barn from an old box to keep them in. Hours of fun. 

Stone Dominos

Paint dominos spots and create a game. This works well with smaller stones as you can store then easily. 

Baby Birds

Easy to make and fun for little hands. Paint your stones to resemble small baby birds. 

Stone Face Mix & Match 

Create another game by making separate eyes, noses and mouths out of odd shaped stones. Have fun creating different faces 

Stone Monsters 

Paint different stones different bright colours then create fun monster faces. 

Naughts & Crosses

Take 10 stones and divide into piles of 5. Decorate 5 with one design and 5 with another (or use a simple 0 or X). Create a board divided into 9 parts (3×3) you can use old card or sticks. Happy playing. Perfect to take to the beach in a small draw string bag. 

Blog by Chloe x