Week 13 – Have Afternoon Tea BBQ Style


This weeks project 52 activity aims to make use of BBQ but with a difference. Forget the normal burger and sausage, opt for a sweet BBQ full of gorgeous, yummy treats. Think afternoon tea but BBQ style! ADULT SUPERVISED ACTIVITY*
You will need:
A BBQ, if you don’t have a gas one or can’t be bothered to go the whole hog, buy a cheap disposable BBQ, the kids will love it and you don’t have to tidy up afterwards.
Various ingredients – get the kids involved with the planning and creating. Here are 3 ideas to get you going.

#1 – Sweet Kebabs

Take some plain cake (Victoria sponge or madera works well here) and cut into large chunks. Place on a skewer (remember to pre-soak if they are wood) and then feed on strawberries and marshmallows, then repeat.
TOP TIP- if your flames are to high, place a piece of foil on the grill to place your kebabs on (just be sure to leave a gap at the edges so the BBQ can still burn)

#2 – American Inspired Smores

Smores are a popular treat around campfires over the pond. Americans use crackers but this recipe uses good old mcvities rich tea biscuits (other biscuits are available). Take two biscuits and place on on a piece of foil big enough to wrap your store in. take a chunk of your chocolate bar and place it onto the biscuit. Place marshmallow on top and then another piece of chocolate. Finally top with another rich tea and wrap tightly in the foil. bake for 3-4 minutes, unwrap and enjoy.

#3 – Baked Bananas

Easy peasy, all you need to do is place the banana in the skin into some foil them place onto the grill for 4-5 minutes. remove the fruit, peel and eat drizzled with chocolate sauce and sprinkles.

Post a picture of your creations in your local Facebook group and you could win a free Mummies Club Discount Card and a kids gardening or craft pack

Please NOTE: This is an adult supervised activity and Mummies Club do not hold any responsibility for injury caused doing this activity.