Week 12 – Make Some Slime!

I’ll admit I have been waiting to do this one for a while and had decided to keep it for nearer Halloween but I just can’t wait. My past life as a scientist had to come out in a Project 52 activity some time. Here it is, easy home-made slime. Have fun!


You will need:

Liquid Starch (buy from DIY store or eBay)
Glue (white or glitter glue work well)
Food colouring – green for traditional slime or choose another colour to spice things up.
An old mixing Bowl
What you’ll need to do:
Empty the glue into the bowl
Add water (approx. half the volume of glue used)
Add a few drops of food colouring
Mix well.
Add the liquid starch slowly mixing as you go until the slime is gooey. If it is too sticky add some more liquid starch.
Have fun bouncing, stretching and glooping!
NOTE: We recommend you don’t store this slime for longer than a few days. If you do store it place it in a sealed pot in the fridge. Always supervise children. Remember to wash hands thoroughly after playing!
Chloe x
Mummies Club do not accept responsibility for any reactions caused by this slime.