Things we love… Washi Tape Check Out Our Top 15 Ideas

Being an avid fan of the online crafting and DIY scene I have become obsessed with wash tape. For those of you that have no idea what i’m talking about, wash tape is a removable decorative tape that you can stick on almost everything. My first introduction came in the form of a photo where someone had used it to colour code their macbook cables. Little did I know wash was so much more. So i’ve collected together my favourite top 15 uses for wash and created a list of where to buy at the bottom. Perfect for kids and grown ups. Have fun.
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#1 Colour code your cables – check out this tutorial from A BEACH COTTAGE

#2 Toilet roll napkin ring – so simple, just cut into rings and get wrapping.

small napkin rings

#3 Decorate the floor – create a cool racetrack with the info from SCOTCHTAPE

#4 Do up your desk

#5 No frame picture frames, just stick tapes around pictures on the wall for the perfect frame!

#6 Mini bunting/cupcake flags – see TIP JUNKIE

#7 Decorate your books -spice up your book spines with different types of tape

#8 Pretty up some candles – see  TIP JUNKIE

#9 Pretty up a pot – be it a an old pencil pot or a plastic plant pot, create something beautiful!

small pretty up a pot

#10 decorate your walls – get inspiration for a new headboard from SURZNICK

#11 pretty up some pegs – so simple, see OHHIDIY

#12 jazz up a jar – similar idea to the pots, have fun and be creative.

small jazz up a jar

#13 cover a hanger – beautiful! See more at ALYSSAANDCARLA

#14 cover your phone case -simple and effective, and you can change its every week

#15 spice up some shelves – get some inspiration from



Amazon – have a great selection including some seasonal tapes.
Paper chase – have a few, some of which are on offer at the time of posting.
Hobby craft – have a good selection including some foil options.
Blog by Chloe x