We love Toffee Apple Twists

Easy to make, scrummy to eat and one of you’re 5 a day what more could you want? This weeks blog is all about making your own toffee apples.

This is one for some grown up supervision as the toffee (sugar syrup) gets very hot but don’t worry there’s plenty for the little ones to get involved with. Read on for some fab twists on the traditional toffee apple.

The best recipe is from the Tastemade website as it has a great video

Click HERE to view

Now for the twist. Upgrade your apple with some yummy additions, here are our  MC Top Toffee Apple Twists – have fun!
Go Nutty
Add some chopped nuts, things like almond flakes, pistachios and crushed peanuts work well.
Go Fruity
Increase your 5 a day by rolling your apple in raisins or other dried fruit. Chop into small pieces first to be sure they stick.
Add some sparkle
We all love a bit of sparkle so why not add some glitter sprinkles or sprinkle stars.
Ditch the sugar and go chocolate mad
You can of course completely ditch the sugar coating and use chocolate instead. Just melt your favourite brand and dip your apples in, toppings are optional, if you are looking for some inspiration try adding creamy fudge pieces as well – yum!
Go chewy
Chewy sweet are the perfect addition here. Pop down to the local pick and mix and go crazy.
Go half and half
Not just for high street pizza chains, go half and half with any of the toppings above.