We Love Stove Top Pot Pourri

With the winter fast approaching the cold weather means doors and windows are kept shut a little more than e’d like, which can mean a bit of a “pong” in the house. This weeks “we love” feature is a modern day twist on Pot Pourri. A simple idea which gives the most wonderful aroma. 

Read below for the instructions:

Stove top pot pourri is very simple to make – all you need is some water and some ingredients.

Place your chosen ingredients into a small pan of water.

Simmer on as low a heat as you can.

Keep an eye on the pot and refill with water as needed (much like an oil burner).

Ingredient Ideas:

Cinnamon sticks

Citrus peel (peeling hips release the oils and aromas)



Pears (slice fruit again to release the aromas)



Star anise


Pine Cones

Disclaimer: Do not leave cooking pots unattended, especially with children about.