Things we love … Slow Cooker Dumps!

Ok so the word dump isn’t the most attractive but it explains exactly what this is. It’s the process of preparing slow cooker ingredients ahead of time, freezing them then simply removing them, defrosting and “dumping” them in the slow cooker for a tasty meal. My husband always complains that our slow cooker meals all taste the same (as we always make a meat stew) so with that in mind I’ve chosen alternative recipes to spice things up a little. Choose from teriyaki chicken, beef & broccoli, smokey vegetable chilli or spicy coconut chicken. Enjoy!

Here are our top 4 dump mixes:

Chicken Teriyaki
Ingredients for the bag:
Chicken breasts and veg of choice (chunky peppers work well)
Sauce made from
2 parts honey, 2 parts soy sauce and 1 part rice wine vinegar and 1 part cold water
small chopped red onion
1 minced garlic clove
1 Tablespoon minced Ginger
Pinch of Pepper
Sesame Seeds

Beef with Brocolli
Ingredients for the bag:
1.5 pounds steak, thinly sliced and chopped Sauce made of :
3 parts beef stock 2 parts soy sauce, 1 part brown sugar
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp garlic minced
1/4 tsp chilli flakes

Spicy Coconut Chicken
Ingredients for the bag:
Chicken breasts
Sauce made of:
1 part coconut milk and 1 part chicken stock
Courgettes and carrots sliced
1 stick of Lemon grass- bashed
Chilli red thinly sliced

Smokey Vegetable Chilli
Sauce and veg:
1 Onion chopped
1 pepper chopped
1 Garlic clove crushed
2 tsp Coco powder
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 large can or carton of Chopped tomatoes
1bsp Chilli powder
1 tbsp Cumin powder
1 large can of Kidney beans
1 medium sweet potato chopped


Add more stock if needed when you do your “dump” I keep a few stock cubes handy, just prepare the usual way with boiling water.

Cool all the ingredients before freezing (i.e if you make stock)

Thaw first – this is the easiest way you can go from frozen but you’ll need to adjust the time.

The cooking time will depend on your slow cooker and the setting you use. Usual times are between 4-8 hours. Check your instructions for timings.