We Love Rainbow Crepe Cakes

Here at Mummies Club we like anything with the word cake in and these rainbow crepe cakes are simply beautiful and super easy to make (although you will need a little time).

You will need:

Crepe mix (use your favourite here, I swear by Nigella’s – the recipe below makes 8 so you will need to at least double it)

30g unsalted melted butter (plus more for frying

150g plain flour

325ml milk

1 large egg

Food colouring

A filling (use a fruit curd, jam or buttercream) 

Topping and decoration  (buttercream works well, you can also use a mouse or spray cream) use sprinkles, chocolate etc. 


Mix up your crepe batter and divide between 4 bowls.

Add a small amount of food colouring and mix well.

Cook each batch of crepes in a pan, try to make them roughly all the same size and thickness if you can. 

Allow to cool 

Assemble your cake with your chosen filling but creating alternate layers of crepe, filling, crepe, filling and so on.

Decorate the top with your chosen toppings to make it look “cake ish” 

Slice, serve and enjoy. 


Try a Nutella chocolate crepe cake with plain crepes layered with Nutella.

Lemon cheesecake crepe cakes taste amazing. Use normal crepes, lemon curd filling and a sweetened cream cheese topping.