We Love Fish in A Bag

This week it’s all about fish, If you like fish but don’t really like touching, or the smell it makes when you cook it this is for you. In France it’s known as “en papillote” and in Italy “al cartoccio”.  Whatever you choose to call it – we’ve made it super simple just follow these three steps to happy fish dishes!

1 – Choose your bag

Before we begin it’s worth pointing out there are a number of “bags” you can use. The easiest are the ones you make yourself from tin foil or baking parchment. If you are really professional you can buy roasting bags from most supermarkets. Youtube has some great videos of how to fold a bag if you get stuck.

2 – Choose your fish

White fish works well, so does salmon, we always like to go for fillets (either supermarket bought or from our fishmonger), You can also use some nice big prawns for something a little different. Make sure you adjust the time for thicker and larger fillets.

3 – Choose your sauce

Sauces are the fun part, read on for our 4 favourite combinations.
Lemon Asparagus and couscous
Create your bag, add your fish and then add:
1 lemon (zested and juice squeezed out, plus the whole fruit)
100g couscous
25g pinenuts
6-8 asparagus spears
150ml stock
Italian inspired tomato, spinach and olives
Create your bag, add your fish and then add:
25g olives
A handful of spinach leaves
100ml stock
Tomatoes on the vine (place these under the tis if you can)
Plenty of black pepper
Pinch of died mixed herbs or oregano
King prawns with orange and white wine
Create your bag, add your fish (prawns) and then add:
Orange segments from 2 small oranges
100ml stock
A handful of green beans
One small courgette
Splash of white wine
Finely chopped fresh ginger to taste
1 diced shallot
Salt and pepper
Thai style 
Create your bag, add your fish and then add:
A handful of pak choi or courgette
1 small crushed garlic clove
Fresh root ginger to taste
1 small chilli
grated line zest
50ml coconut milk
A splash of stock or water
Blog by Liz x