We Love Bento Box Inspired Lunches

This week we’ve taken inspiration for the Japanese version of a packed lunch – the fabulous bento box. Traditional boxes hold rice, meat, fish and pickled or cooked vegetables in small little compartments. We’ve decided to use the same idea for upgrading kids lunch boxes.

Various versions of bento boxes are now readily available in many high street shops and online retailers (we particularly like this one from Not On The High Street).

Here are our top 6 things to add to your bento box to make it that little bit special…

#1 Child Friendly Sushi

If your child loves munching away on traditional sushi, definitely add some into your box, if not adapt it slightly by making a savoury rice (with tomatoes and small diced veg) and wrap in a tortilla pancake. Cut into small rounds to fit perfectly in your box.

#2 Smiley Faces

Make your own smiles with cucumber, a little cream cheese and raisins or cook some potato smiley faces and add some ketchup on the side.

#3 Vegetable Shapes

Take inspiration from the flowers made from carrots and cucumber on oriental food and create your own versions, place in a compartment and garnish with some chives.

#4 Colourful Berries and Grapes

The easiest one of all, add some colour with some berries and grapes. Blueberries work well, especially alongside dried cranberries.

#5 Mini kebabs

Make this in advance and use your child’s favourite meats, add some baby veg and dress with a light honey dressing and sesame seeds.

blog by Chloe x