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Welcome to Park Life

As a kid, I grew up in Jubilee Park off Milton Road in Waterlooville. It was behind our house and was THE place to hang out. My 3 brothers and I, along with loads of other local kids would gather together and play the most amazing games or make obstacle courses across the park. We played rounders, 1,2,3 and in, bulldog and football; we learnt to ride our bikes, climbed trees and used the play park to create adventures outdoors. If we got bored of the park, we would venture up to Park Wood and hang out in the trees!

Since becoming a mum I have discovered so many new outdoor spaces from parks and woodland, to duck ponds and beaches – all offering us an opportunity to connect with nature, feel the sun on our skin, splash in puddles and come home with pockets full of leaves, twigs or stones!
I now realise how lucky I was to have that on my doorstep and feel really passionately about my children, and yours, having access to free, open spaces to play, learn and just be kids! So, if like me you sometimes just need to Park Life (see what I did there!) and get out with your kids, check out these local places, some no more than an hour away, but most of them on your door step!
Happy ‘getting out and about’!

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