Walking Tips For Busy Mums

With Easter just a week away (and summer just around the corner) now is a great time to start walking.

It’s the perfect exercise for busy mums and the best thing about it is you can incorporate it into your normal day.

Read on for 4 tips…

Tip 1 Walk To School

Ok so it’s not always easy to get the kids up and out of the house in the morning and getting in the car is so much easier but with the warmer weather why not walk just a few days a week. If you can’t manage the mornings go for pick up where you’ll have a bit more time. You could even leave 20 mins earlier and take the long route (without little hands to hold).

Tip 2 Think About What You Wear

Whether you just throw on whats on your floor or spend ages choosing what to wear the night before try and add something that means you are comfortable enough to break out into a fast walk every now and again. You can do this at any time during your normal day (think in the supermarket, out and about in town etc).

Tip 3 Walk At Lunch

Ok so we are al busy but whether you work during the day or not why not take a 10 minute walk at lunch. Most people can fit in 10 minutes a day.

Tip 4 Get the family involved

Weekend walking is a perfect time to get some “steps” in. Include the family by packing up a picnic and going out for an afternoon walk.