Valentines Crafts

With Valentines Day just around the corner we’ve come up with a little crafting activity for 4 Lovely Valentines crafts using just 7 simple materials:

Materials you will need:



Heat wrapping paper

Jam jar




From your craft box: Knitting needles, needle and thread, glue, pencil and a pen.

#1 Mug Hugger

Create a simple knitted mug hugger and sew on a simple felt heart decal to the front.



Knit a simple rectangle that fits around your favourite mug.

Cut out felt hearts and attach to the middle of the rectangle with a few simple stitches.

Sew the two ends of the rectangle together to create a tube.

Cli your hugger onto your mug.

#2 Heart Bunting

Make some simple heart bunting to give your home a loving touch.



Cut a heart shape template from some old card.

Use your template to cut some wrapping paper hearts.

Attach the hearts to some wool  with your glue, making sure you use a heart on the back and the front.

#3 Date Night Jar

Create a fun way of spending time with your other half and create this simple date night jar with treats written on each folded heart.



Cut out some hearts from wrapping paper.

Write a “date night” message on each one.

Fold and place into your jar.

Decorate with ribbon and a tag.

#4 3D Heart Favours

Take inspiration from fortune cookies and love hearts and create some little messages on these cute 3D effect hearts.IMG_2504.JPG


Cut some hearts from wrapping paper.

Cut a small slit done the middle (about 1/3 way).

Fold one edge of the cut over the other and glue to make the heart look 3D.

Cut a thin strip of wrapping paper.

Write a love heart inspired message on the strip and curl the end.

attach to the back of the 3D heart.

Use a mini place settings or pop in a bowl and use like the date night jar.