Upcycling To Make Music

Haven’t times changed? Since the introduction of home recycling in the UK most people are busy collecting items to place at the kurb side for collection every week. This is great news for the environment and the kids. Having items such as tin cans, bottle tops and leftover card in the house means you have your very own craft supply at home right now -and the best news is it’s free.

But… This blog focuses on something a little more exciting that just recycled art. This week we are making music.



We have pulled together 3 simple musical instruments to make with recycling you probably have in your home right now.

IMG_2268#1 Easy Bottle Cap Castennetes

So simple. Grab some card and two bottle caps (we’ve used metal bottle caps but plastic caps work just as well). Cut the card into strips as thick as the cap and about 10cm long. Fold the card in half then stick the caps on the inside opposite each other. Top tip here is to help the kids and use superglue as it will hold better. Get the kids to decorate their Castennetes with paint, pens or crayons.


#2 Tin Can Drums

We love these and they only use three things and No gluing. Take some washed tin cans (warning – check they don’t have any sharp edges first). Grab a balloon and cut off the long part to create the equivalent of a circle with the top chopped off. Stretch the balloon over the can and secure with an elastic band. Drums can be played with little fingers or if you want to use some drum sticks use your imagination. We’ve stuck two mini pom poms to some straws.


#3 Straw Harmonica

The kids can have great fun with this. The shorter the straw the higher the note. Cut straws to different lengths then stick together using sellotape. Make sure you keep the original (not the cut) end of the straw at the top to stop lips getting scratched. To play blow across the straws. If your straw harmonica is really long attach some card to give it some stability.


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