Top Tips to Find the Perfect Job that Works for YOU!

Deciding on going back to work after raising a family can feel quite daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. If the idea of balancing childcare, attending interviews and finding something professional to wear seems just too much don’t worry help is here. Our friends over at Mumbu have come up with 5 simple and achievable tips for getting back into the world of work.

Tip 1. Is this the time to change your career?

There’s no reason your job “post babies” has to be the same as before. When thinking of returning to work be clear about what type of job you want to do. The aim at this stage in your life is to make sure you get the best level of job satisfaction and enjoy yourself.

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Lots of mums returning to work are looking for an identity whatever the role they choose. This could be a great time to change careers, it’s never too late to re-train and learn new skills.

Tip 2. Work vs Family!

Do you want the job to fit around school hours or are you looking to work full-time? The workplace is changing and increasingly companies are looking for people to fill skill shortages in their organisation but only need them to work a few hours a week.

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This could be ideal for you if you want work to fit around your family life. Whatever hours you choose to work take a look at your childcare options. Most employers engage in the childcare vouchers scheme or even have childcare facilities onsite and don’t forget the government offer free childcare to children over 3 and in some situations children over 2.

Tip 3. Home or Away?

Can you see yourself working at home or are you looking to get back into an office environment? There are pros and cons for both options. The best thing to do is write a list of our personal pros and cons for both options and see what matters to you the most.

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Consider things like travelling, your need for social interactions, practicalities of a home office etc. If you want to work from home look for companies that support home working or if you can’t decide look for companies that support both (i.e. part of your time in the office and part working from home).

Tip 4. Don’t forget your Mum Skills!

As well as any professional skills you have, make a list of what new skills being a mum has given you.

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Skills such as being a committee member for your child’s school or local organization, managing events for your local community, charity work, etc. all are invaluable to an employer.

Tip 5. Look in all the right places! 


There are many routes to finding a job, some less daunting than others, so choose one that’s right for you. If you’re looking for an easier option then take a look at It’s been designed specially for Mums to get seen in the local business community without the hassle of writing a CV. All you have to do is list your skills and state when and where you want to work!