Top Tips For New Mums

Whether you are expecting your first baby, already have a little one or are a seasoned pro this blog is for you. Read on as we share top tips from other mums.

Don’t Keep A Show Home

If you are going from couple to family and you’ve spent the last few years fluffing your sofa cushions and cleaning your kitchen surfaces within an inch of their life now is the time to give up! Having a baby is messy. nappies, clothes, bottles etc. will clutter up your pristine life BUT don’t worry about it (life is to short) just embrace it and do the best you can.¬†Jayne C. Birmingham

Give Guests A Job To Do

The arrival of your beautiful bundle will inevitably cause friends and family to flock to hold your little one and celebrate their existence. Make a rule that everyone who comes through that door needs to help in some way. Whether it’s asking them to bring a lasagne, getting them to make the copious cups of tea guests always need or getting them to run the hoover trough remember every little helps. ¬†Gemma G. Portsmouth

Sleep When Baby Sleeps

If your expecting i’m sure you’ve heard this one 100 times “Sleep when baby sleeps” and when your baby arrives you think, no i’ll clean up instead BUT try and stick to this. If you are normally a busy person it can be a hard habit to get into but in the long term it really works and keeps you from becoming a walking zombie! Serina H. Guildford

Be Aware Of Your Feelings

Postnatal depression comes in all shapes and sizes and you must remember you are not alone. Take time each day to become aware of how you are feeling and talk things through with your partner, friends, midwife or health visitor. There is no shame in accepting you aren’t feeling like the model parent. Helen H. Exeter


Everyone and I mean everyone wants to give you advice. this can be useful or so irritating you just want to bite their head off. Use this simple trick if you just don’t want to hear it anymore. Listen, agree then distract (LAD). BTW this works really well in all life scenarios! Jill M. London

Don’t Feel Guilty

Having a baby and keeping them (and you) happy is a challenge. There’s no exact science to being a parent and sometimes you just want to take the path of least resistance of the sanity of everyone. The trick is don’t beat yourself up about it! If you choose to bottle feed, thats fine, if you want to use a dummy go for it and if you don’t feel an immediate gush of love for your baby just accept that happens to some people. As long as you are doing your best (and only you know that) all is good! Jenny G. Belfast

Accept Your Body

Nobody achieves a great post baby body within a week. If you are a celebrity (or just very rich) you might be able to snap back into shape a little quicker than the average mum but be realistic you probably aren’t a celebrity or super rich. Your body is going to be different. Embrace the fabulous job it’s done for the last 9 months and celebrate the fact it’s changed for the sake of bringing a little life into the world. Josie L. Kings Lynn

Make Time For Your Partner

Relationships can be hard and adding another small human being into the mix can be a challenge. Making time for each other is really important. From a hug in the kitchen to a takeaway in front of the TV do some little things to keep you close. Lorraine C. Southend

Ask For Help

If you are struggling ask for help. Most people will want to feel a part of this phase of your life and help you out. Don’t be afraid to ask, you aren’t a failure and nobody wins a best mum award for doing everything. Kelly N. Cambridge

Get Out And About

When your up to it try and get out for a bit. From a walk of the buggy round the block to a coffee at the local cafe, getting out will make you feel better and give your baby a change of environment. Harriet F. Basingstoke