Top Tips For Memorable Photos

With so many Families choosing to capture their children growing up through professional photoshoots we’ve asked photographer Adele Behles to give us her top tips for getting the most out of your Family photoshoot. 

#1 – Planning


There are many styles of family portrait and every photographer will have their own take.  Have a look at the photographer’s portfolio and go with someone who’s images best reflect your family style.

Reviews can be a useful guide as to what the photographer will be like on the day but I would strongly advise speaking to your chosen photographer ahead of time.  Let them know if there are any particular photos you would like taken and just as importantly let them know if there are any you definitely don’t want.

#2 – Location, location, location


Focal point of your photos will be the family but backdrop is so important to getting the best family photos.  I love to shoot outdoors, it gives great variety to the images.

When picking a location, the most important thing is for everybody to feel as comfortable as possible.  My favourite sessions are split between images taken at home and others taken outdoors.

#3 – What not to wear 


People often ask what should they wear for their family photo session.

It can look great if the family is in complimentary (but not too matchy!) outfits.  Equally if your toddler is adamant they want to wear a tutu, wellington boots and their favourite football shirt, it can be just as fun to capture that side of their personality.  I always make time for outfit changes, if that is what you want (can of course be a useful trade-off if your toddler is being particularly strong willed!).

As with choice of location, the most important thing is comfort and trying to avoid a 3 hour battle just to get the kids dressed before the session!

#4 – Timing is key


There are certain times of day that are great for photo shoots (e.g. the golden hour).  In my view, a good photographer will make whatever light they have available work for them.

Whilst it would be great to have all your photo sessions during the golden hour, you know your children’s schedule best and it is more important that they are happy during the session.  So, if you know that your little one is happiest in the morning – request a morning photo shoot.

#5 – Pack a snack


Hungry or thirsty children (and adults) can make for cranky subjects.  Where possible, make sure everyone is well fed before the session and bring an emergency kit with some snacks and water for during the session itself (particularly if you are outside).

It can also be worth packing a few other emergency items – tissues, plaster, wet wipes, favourite cuddly toy and maybe even a book or game that you love to play as a family.   It is always helpful to have a couple of distractions handy in case the little ones decide they have had enough and sometimes these can make for great photos too!!

#6 – Avoid the cheese


There is a huge temptation to ask your child to “say cheese” – avoid this as much as possible!  Not only does this draw attention to the camera but it also means that you won’t be giving the photographer the chance to capture the candid shots (which in my view are often the best ones).

You’d be surprised how many photos end up with parents pulling funny faces because they are trying to direct their children to smile.  Instead, focus on interacting with your little ones and remember, you don’t have to be looking directly at the camera to get the best photos.

#7 – Have fun


Family photo shoots shouldn’t be a stressful experience.  The aim is to capture your children and family as they are at that point in time

Have fun, interact, play games and most importantly do your best to ignore the photographer!

#8 – Trust 


Last but by no means least, trust your photographer.  You’ve planned and researched and picked a photographer who’s style you like – trust them to reflect that style in your photos so you can focus on enjoying the time with your family, safe in the knowledge that you will have same great images at the end of the day.


To talk to Adele about your  photoshoot find her details on our directory HERE


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